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In Control

Evan Kremin

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Original Music influenced by everything from Classic Rock to Country

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"In Control" Album Credits:

Evan Kremin  Vocals, Rhythm Guitar 

David Makower  Keyboards, Vocals

Benny Landa  Rhythm & Lead Guitar 

Phil Cimino  Drums 

Tony Tino  Bass 

 J.P. Bowersock  Rhythm Guitar 

Joe Vitale  Keyboards, Hammond Organ 

Executive Producer  Keith Foley 

Produced by J.P. Bowersock 

Engineered by Mark Dann at Mark Dann Studios, New York, NY 

Additional recording at Miranda Studios, Los Altos Hills, CA 

Additional engineering by Josh Makower 

 Special thanks to Josh Makower and Miranda Studios for making the remote tracking possible.

Extra special thanks to Keith Foley and Turbo Tribeca Music Community for making this record happen.

All songs © Evan Kremin  

 "In Control" © David Makower and Evan Kremin

All Rights Reserved

"I gave it a listen – truly good stuff, nice energy."

-Ken Dashow, Q104.3, iHeartRADIO